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Interfaith Charter

This Charter is a framework for partnership working between faith communities and the Council to deliver a standard of excellence in serving the wider community.  The Council recognises and values the contribution of faith communities; and faith communities value working in partnership with the Council:

The Charter is owned and operated by its signatories but is designed to ensure effective engagement with all local faith communities through an agreed set of principles. Both sides undertake to collaborate in accordance with these principles to provide mutual accountability in serving the communities of Southend-on-Sea.

In order to provide an inclusive service to local communities:

All parties adopting this Charter will:

1.    Serve and respect all people regardless of their gender (including gender reassignment), marital status, ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation or physical and mental capability.

2.    Acknowledge the freedom of people of all faiths or none both to hold and express their beliefs and convictions respectfully and freely, within the limits of UK law.

3.    Never impose their faith or belief on others.

4.    Develop partnerships with the Council, other faith organisations, voluntary groups, statutory agencies wherever appropriate in order to create an effective, integrated service for members of the community avoiding unnecessary duplication of resources.

The Interfaith Working Group will:

5.    Act as a representative body for faith communities, where relevant, in support of the Council’s desire to engage and consult with members of the community in regards to service provision.

The Council will:

6.    Continue to engage with, support and recognise the activities of local faith organisations in supporting the wider community.